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Terms and conditions of use

  • you cannot distribute and resell our products (themes, plugins, packs, etc.)
  • you cannot use our codes, designs or any script from our themes or plugin.
  • you cannot publish our plugins, codes, themes or any scripts in forums or on any other website
  • you cannot redesign, upgrade or implement new features in our plugins or themes and re-sell them.
  • you are buying our theme or plugin to be used on only on 1 website, it means that theme or plugin you bought cannot be used on 2 live websites at once.

Breaking Rules

Breaking our terms & conditions will force us to block your account on our website, we will contact the osclass team and let them know about the issue which will lead in blocking of updates to theme or plugin you bought from osclass market and from our website.

You will be removed from further support and updates of the products that are part of our development. If you are still interested in our themes or plugins, you will have to buy them again. Money back guarantee is only valid if or when there is a bug in our plugin or theme and only if we are not able to fix it or provide support to fix the issue. In this case customer must give us full cooperation in regards to any problem and must follow our step by step instructions on how to identify and fix Problems.


1 Year support for our themes & plugins

1 Year support to our themes & plugins, it means if you want updates for our plugins or theme they will be valid for 1 year free updates after 1 year you have to buy our plugin or theme again with 25% discount to continue receiving updates every year and so on.

Right to change terms & conditions reserved.