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Classipress Theme Switcher

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Classipress Theme Switcher


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Product Description

Classipress Theme switcher can help Appthemes customers who have multiple themes installed or are thinking of changing the classipress theme or any Appthemes Theme or its Child themes. It’s easy to change the theme for admin and giving his website a new look that’s great but what about that particular website users who don’t get familiar to the new theme or didn’t like the change and want to still have the old easy look and design, at last that’s what we want, we want our website customer to not suffer from these changes and always want to keep them happy. Classipress Theme switcher will give that particular website customer an option to switch the theme from Frontend/Homepage. If they like to keep the old design means theme they can or if they like the new design they can switch between themes easily from the Website Homepage.


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